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The Country Bistro

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Venue Description

Enjoy a Saturday morning on a Farm right on your doorstep.  The De Vos Farm is situated in Glen Austin, Midrand.  It offers you a lovely environment to interact with some farm animals such as sheep, cows, ducts and even people friendly horses.

Once a month there is a Farmers Market where you can buy some lovely items produced within the Glen Austin Community.  

The Country Bistro is also in the making and will offer some delicious food and drinks to be enjoyed in the open air as well as next to the beautiful dam.

There is also a Country Bistro Dinner Date once a month on a Wednesday night which you can enjoy under the stars with a lovely boma fire pit.

Saturdays will become a proper family outing with a lovely pet friendly walk/run with something to eat and drink afterwards at the Country Bistro and just enjoying the farm atmosphere.

Sneak Peek

Trail Ratings

The following trail distances are available at this venue:

2.5km ~ Rating 1/5 - 80m Elevation

5km ~ Rating 2/5 - 100m Elevation

10km ~ Rating 2/5 - 120m Elevation

15km ~ Rating 2/5 - 150m Elevation

(Please note the last 5km on the 15km is a loop of the first 5km)

Service available at the venue


Toilet facilities



Kids and pet friendly

Enjoy a picnic after your run/walk next to the dam

Farm animal interactions

Directions to the Venue

Address:  15 Douglas Drive, Glen Austin, Midrand, Gauteng

GPS Co-ordinates:  25°58'24.1"S 28°08'36.6"E

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